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We have the ability to train anytime and anywhere virtually. Our in-person sessions are done at the clients residence/site. We are available to travel.

VMP Program

VMP (Vending Machine Protocol) - was created at Work Dog Work with the purpose of transforming dog and owner in two to three weeks. We train one command obedience, while addressing the dogs overall behavior. Our focus will also be on meeting the dogs energy and relationship needs. We increase focus and motivation. We teach the dog to have better control over its own high-energy. Our program trains you to think and act like an expert dog handler. With this class you will have the knowledge to train all of your future dogs.

Cute Puppy
Obedience -

On leash reactive, aggressive, anxiety, destructive; - the symptoms are not the source. We will analyze, diagnose and create a training and/or management program with clearly defined milestones and goals.

Dog Portrait
Toys for pets dog and cat. Rubber and te
Advanced and

Puppy/dog selection, potty training, grooming, finding and placing your dog/puppies in an amazing new home, breeding and whelping - Work Dog Work has the answers to any and all questions regarding your canine companion,

Companion, Therapy, Emotional Support, Service, Search and Rescue, Competition and Protection - Owning working-dog bloodlines.

Dog Walking on a Sunny Day
Special Topics
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