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Our breeding goal is to provide an amazing family companion, capable of higher levels of defense, and protection.

  • Highly intelligent and focused they train fast and are eager to work for praise.

  • Strong nerved and are unafraid of fireworks and thunder.

  • They are playful, affectionate, and gentle with children. They do well in homes with other animals including livestock. 

  • Extremely athletic without being "over the top" in energy.

  • Our working lines have been free of hip dysplasia for generations and are guaranteed.



Training available for all breeds

Pricing varies starting at 60$ for most basic services and 30$ for phone coaching.

We offer a wide variety of services that are highly customized as not all cases are the same. 

We work obedience training as well as behavioral issues such as anxiety and aggression. We also train competition, service dogs, search and rescue, detection and protection work. 

Looking for a comprehensive training program?

Pet or Working Dog?

At Work Dog Work our goal is to change pet dogs into working dogs and pet owners into dog operators.

SDK @ VMP Accelerated Training program is a revolutionary new way to train you and your dog. Together we train your dog while showing you a new approach to interacting, training, and operating dogs in general. We go far past the mechanics of dog training and talk about the nature of dogs and their capabilities. Understanding how and why dogs work is a valuable tool that will assist you with all future dogs you own and come in contact with. 


We take a grounds-up approach (from puppy to adulthood), which combines many disciplines; Companion, service dog, search and rescue, and even protection work. We take a small portion from these disciplines and use them to operate our dogs at a higher level. Rather than tier classes into stages; Puppy, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This is precision obedience through precision dog handling. 


This class is highly accelerated and taught one-on-one and in the dogs home environment. While not all issues are solved in a single session, there are many that can be. We work with everyone and every dog in the household to establish consistency in obedience and handling. Once these skills are learned, you will have the ability to train and operate future new dogs.


Our goal is to transform you into an expert dog handler - welcome to SDK!


VMP will address:

Increased focus

Controlling energy levels

One command obedience

Leadership roles

Attitude/behavior molding

House and lifestyle rules

Tools and Equipment

A dog's needs from puppyhood to adult

What to expect at different stages in development

A new way to view stubborn dogs

Stress and aggression cues in dogs

You will also learn:

Feeding and giving treats

Potty Training - potty in one spot of the yard

Pack Management

Introducing and using a kennel

Leash behavior

Imprinting and socializing

Marker training

The art of using precision when praising and correcting your dog

Teaching your dog a wide variety of commands; Sit, down, recall, jump, Kennel, Good bark/No bark, Go outside/inside, Play/No play, Get back, and move out of the way. We will teach your dog to drop items from their mouth, as well as to relax, and to go potty on command.  

Obeying commands while off leash

Behave well with the vet and groomer

Extinguish most behavior issues; Nipping, licking, jumping, chewing, digging, barking, door/gate dashing, leash pulling,  etc…

Riding in a vehicle

Meeting new people and dogs

Maintenance obedience sessions




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